Lt. Colonel Dan Knight, retired, spent his military career speaking to, and advising, decision makers around the world.

Bring Dan in to speak to your executive team, management group or hire him for personal coaching and he’ll provide the tools you need to make better and more decisive choices for your organization.


When management teams meet there are often conflicting agendas and priorities that cripple decision making. This can lead to compromised strategy decisions that ultimately undermine the overall effectiveness of the entire organization.

Dan Knight has spent his life working with stakeholders to not only build consensus, but to get maximum buy-in so that strategies agreed to in a meeting room are effectively applied when executives and managers return to their workplace.

Bring Dan in to speak to your team and learn how to develop an organizational or team strategy that will be fully implemented.

One-on-One Coaching

Dan Knight is a proven leader who knows the skills that are necessary to be effective in executive and management positions.

Dan’s popular one-on-one coaching sessions are conducted via phone, Skype or in person. His clients are given the tools to lead with better informed and stronger decision making skills. He then coaches his clients on how to create real strategies that will be embraced by peers and implemented throughout their organization.