When your organization is bogged down with the complexities of inefficient  decision-making processes it is wasting time and precious resources.

  • Are you struggling with details that are keeping you or your organization from moving forward with important decisions?
  • Is your team battling over the right course of action is needed to finalize and complete important projects?
  • Are your deadlines slipping because you’re organization is struggling to find the best approach in dealing with problems?

Dan Knight, a  retired, Lt. Colonel, U.S. Army is a highly sought after speaker for organizations that are facing major strategic decisions. His skills as a speaker inspire change and forward thinking action. He works with corporate and government agencies, to develop processes that streamline critical decision making for leaders.

He will give you a clear, strategic, and direct approach to problem solving that saves you time, money, and team disruptions. His workshops and keynotes are a great addition to high-level executive meetings or as part of any conference dealing with leadership and strategy. Let him show you how the “best of the best” make those tough decisions.

His system… called the “Five Star Strategic Decision Making System” offers leaders a fully developed & researched process to overcome the frustration, nuance, hindrance, and roadblocks that stifle productivity and slow down the decision making processes.

Don’t delay your decision to make the best decision you can make. Avoid the struggles, indecision and waste of time & money by being indecisive.

Call “Colonel Dan” and let him show you the system that works every time. He delivers his “Five STAR Strategic Decision Making System” through leading-edge seminars, publications, and coaching.