“Dan’s guidance is impeccable, practical, and pertinent. He skillfully helps you define and articulate a relevant course of action and works with you to hone your skills enabling you and your team to confidently execute and succeed to the next level. I am grateful for his time and for drawing on his vast experience guiding me to be more successful.”

-Laura Davidson, PMP, PMI-RMP, CSM, SSGB

“Dan Knight is a wonderful human being, and a fantastic trainer. Under his tutelage, I learned public speaking, and how to grow my business. Dan is extremely organized, conscientious, insightful, and generous with his time. The skills and wisdom he passed on are ones that have allowed me to thrive in my business. I am grateful to Dan for the opportunity to work with him. I could not recommend him more highly.”

-Laura Zam, Writer, Speaker, Performer, Story Strategist

“Daniel Knight is an exceptional human being. His guidance on public speaking has meant, for me, somewhere between years and decades of improvement in a matter of months. He has a knack for gently zeroing in on what you need. But there’s something else that makes him an exceptionally great teacher. You know the phrase, “They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care?” In a hundred different ways, the people whom he works with get to see that this is a man who really cares.”

-Mitzi Perdue, Speaker on Family Businesses

“A unique coach and consultant.  His approach provided me with the opportunity and support I needed to discern appropriate courses of action. The solutions were mine and I owned them. Dan provided me with the framework for successful discovery and action.”

-Michael Wedman, Director, KPMG

“Throughout the day, your focused leadership enabled the group to sort through many diverging perspectives and to develop a plan for next steps. Your facilitation provided the foundation we needed for clarity to move forward. I am very pleased with the results…”

-Laura Lazour
Chief, Sports and Recreation Division
Arlington County, VA

“A very engaging presenter. Dan offered a unique knowledge management perspective which I’ve added to my arsenal of strategies.”

-R. David Owens, PhD
Vice President, Knowledge Management
Unisys Corporation

“Dan challenged and totally changed my thinking on creativity and innovation. He shared a truly quick and powerful method for deliberately increasing organizational knowledge creation and development that I’ll put into practice.”

-Gerald Soldner
Vice President, Planning
GTE Corporation

“Deep insight into leading edge concepts! Dan brought to life and clarified how an understanding of knowledge management and complex adaptive systems gives us a more powerful leadership model for the new economy.”

-K.T. Connor, PhD
President, Creative Education Foundation

“Dan provided a very enjoyable and interactive session. I gained extremely valuable insights into how corporate leaders can use the emerging field of knowledge management as a prime force in their business strategies.”

-Marilyn Norris
Editor, Strategy & Leadership Magazine