Effective decisions can be reduced to a repeatable process that balances benefits and costs. It all starts with the selection of high payoff strategic goals, identification of key facts and assumptions, clarification of the opportunities to be pursued, development of options and criteria for selecting the best paths forward, and action planning and follow through.


  • Acquire a six-step process that keeps you on course and assures results
  • Balance divergent and convergent thinking to realize your full potential
  • Develop strategic initiatives
  • Separate fact from opinion
  • Use three tools to recognize and address relevant assumptions
  • Apply three tools to evaluate arguments and reduce errors and false starts
  • Harness the power of four more tools to draw valid conclusions
  • Use 14 key fact finding questions to clarify questions that need to be addressed
  • Develop criteria to ensure the selection of the best options
  • Identify strategic questions to seek essential support and overcome resistance